Hi, I'm Miranda! I have a strong passion for storytelling. I know... so poetic right? A well told story my grab our attention, activate our brains, and stir with our emotions—and that goes for storytelling across all mediums.

My journey towards storytelling first started when I picked up my moms $300 DSLR camera. I would photograph anything that came into my site. Since 2016, I've captured over 150 adventures & stories.

Then, I found my passion for helping other creative business owners use their own narrative to connect their brand to their customers. 

We all have a story to tell. How can I help share yours?

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Meet Miranda

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We want to make sure we're not half way across the globe when we would need to be in your neck of the woods. Or come join an adventure if you're itching to get out & explore! 


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September: Great Smoky Mountains | 20th - 22nd
October: Georgia | 17th - 20th
November: Great Smoky Mountains | 29th - 30th
December: Great Smoky Mountains | 26th - 31st

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September 20th - 22nd
Great Smoky Mountains

October 17th - 20th

November 29th - 30th 
Great Smoky Mountains

December 26th - 31st
Great Smoky Mountains 




January 1st - 11th

May 23rd - 25th
Great Smoky Mountains

June 26th - 28th 

January: Spain | 1st - 11th
May: Great Smoky Mountains | 23rd - 25th
June: Ohio | 26th-28th

We have partnered up with Healing Waters, a non-profit that walks alongside children & families in extreme poverty to provide clean water, improve health, and hope for generations to come. For every project, we donate a portion of proceeds to funding water for families. 

We believe in using business as a force for good.

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let's work together